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Immerse yourself in the essence of cool at our exclusive store. Discover a curated collection of limited edition Swedish designs that epitomize contemporary fashion with a unique touch of sophistication. Step into a world where style meets substance, and elevate your wardrobe with pieces that redefine what it means to be effortlessly cool.


Indulge in unparalleled comfort at our store. Our European-crafted garments offer a perfect blend of style and ease, allowing you to look and feel your best without sacrificing comfort. Experience luxurious fabrics, thoughtful designs, and a sense of relaxation like never before. Discover a new level of comfort that effortlessly complements your personal style. Your wardrobe will thank you!


At our boutique, confidence takes center stage. Explore our unique collection of European-made garments designed to empower and inspire. Each piece is crafted to make you feel bold, elegant, and self-assured, ensuring you radiate confidence with every step. All in our own unique design. Designed for your body—with my heart and soul!

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Embark on an 18-Year Journey of Sustainable Swedish Design Crafted in Europe for a Fashionable Future!


Gunilla Werkelin - Entrepreneur & Designer

Who is the Designer?

Born In A Pile Of Fur, Educated In Fashion, And Finally Knowing Why I Am Here On Earth...
I Am Here To Bring Beauty And Confidence To Women That Care.
A Designer On A Mission To Help Women Reach Confidence In Looks, Mind & Business
With a mission to elevate women's style and self-assurance, I combine my creative talents with a deep commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. I am dedicated to positively impacting the fashion industry and inspiring women to embrace their individuality with pride and grace.

18 years in Scandinavian Fashion!

We Love Our Raving Fans

It's very nice, cozy, and beautiful at the same time. I feel so clean and so warmly human in it. It's natural and easy, too! The pants are so pretty! I will buy more from you.

Can't wait for the next opportunity to wear it.

As always, it's an excellent fit. Like your design and material.

Luxurious to be able to buy such well-tailored garments at such reasonable prices, stylish and personal
Cozy and soft. Lovely during slightly chilly days and evenings.

Perfect I-don't-know-what-I-want-to-wear garment - goes with everything!

So lovely, your clothes are fantastic! I'm super happy ??

Wonderful tunic. Received many admiring comments. Perfect hood that sits nicely on top of a jacket collar. Nice case. Absolutely love it.

It's so comfortable to wear. In the summer, it's a dress, and now, when it's colder, I wear leggings and a cardigan. It was one of my best purchases.

"I am thrilled with what I bought.
The package came to me quickly.
​Love the clothes I bought from you."

​"I have invested in a lovely winter sweater from Designwerket. It's stylish, comfortable, and warm enough.
It is, as usual, high quality from Designwerket.

Absolutely wonderfully beautiful. Superb model. Wishes were available in more colors.

Fabulous dress that shows off my shapes. It will be a summer favorite!

​Just when you thought you had seen all the models in the world, this piece of jewelry appears. I, who have never liked beige, am entirely enchanted by the top.

I am once again super satisfied with my purchase from Designwerket! The dress fits so well this time as well. It fits nicely in the back as it follows the waist nicely. Really value for money!

Absolutely fabulous clothes, well made and lovely to wear!

"I am really pleased!
You guys are great!"

Again, I am super satisfied with my purchase from you. Always excellent treatment, super lovely clothes, and fast delivery. Thousand thanks

Super beautiful top with a superb fit. My new favorite garment!

Incredibly beautiful! Nice to wear. Get a sexy figure in this...

Love the I AM collection! This works wonders with the figure. Great material!

It's of the same excellent quality as all DW's clothes. I always feel good about this. The sleeves are delicious, although a little impractical at the dinner table. But I have learned to grab the sleeve every time I reach and avoid dipping my sleeves in the food.

"When I moved to Sweden, I fell in love with Designwerket. I found a completely new style. I'm thrilled with a white skirt I bought with frills and ties in the front.
I have bought a lot over the years. The clothes can be used year after year, and when I have been asked several times where I have my clothes from, I have told them where they come from.
I love your design :-)."

I grabbed the offer with a dress and cardigan. Imagine my surprise when I received a luxury package! It's saved for all summer parties and is also great for everyday use. I love it.

​"The hoodie is absolutely fantastic 🤩🤩
I looked for one in a different color, but there weren't any. Otherwise, I would have bought another one."

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